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We specialise in well-designed residences. We develop modern, high-quality and human-friendly housing investments


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DWE Group has been devel­oping modern and high-quality res­id­ential pro­jects on the Warsaw market for over 13 years. The company started oper­ating in 2010 under the name of SP Invest. Since then, the company has com­pleted 18 devel­op­ments and provided more than 80,000 sqm of net living space to res­idents in such dis­tricts as Praga Południe, Praga Północ, Ursus, Wawer, Tar­gówek and Białołęka.

In 2023, due to the increase in the scale of the business and its extensive devel­opment plans, the company decided to restructure and change its name to DWE Group. These modi­fic­a­tions made it pos­sible to accel­erate our investment plans and enter the insti­tu­tional rental market.

We con­stantly monitor the changing trends and needs of people living in large cities, which is why our pro­jects are tailored to their require­ments and life­styles. We prepare pro­jects with dif­ferent social groups in mind and make sure that everyone can feel at home. Our housing estates are friendly to people with dis­ab­il­ities, those with an active life­style, fam­ilies with children, as well as singles and senior citizens.


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We have a stable fin­ancial back­ground as well as a pro­fes­sional and com­mitted team, while our mission is to provide high-quality places to live in, aes­thet­ically pleasing, func­tional living space with abundant greenery.

DWE Group’s many years of man­agement exper­ience means that we are a reliable partner not just for our indi­vidual clients, but also for our co-investors from Poland and abroad, including investment funds, banks and land owners.

We create friendly living space for the inhab­itants of Warsaw.

Feel At Home

Our team

25 years of managerial experience

The stra­tegic dir­ection of DWE Group’s activ­ities are determined by our team of exper­i­enced res­id­ential real estate pro­fes­sionals. Their com­pet­ences com­plement and per­meate each other’s, cre­ating a coherent whole: on the one hand, they have excellent know­ledge of the housing market, while on the other, they are pro­fi­cient when it comes to large real estate trans­ac­tions and joint venture processes.

The company’s structure com­prises depart­ments responsible for the com­pre­hensive imple­ment­ation of the investment – from the selection of the loc­ation, through the pur­chase of land, obtaining the required permits, the design and the con­struction phase, to bringing the building into use or trans­ferring it to the investor’s port­folio. The effect­iveness and excel­lence of our activ­ities are ensured by our com­mitted and motivated teams, who are per­fectly at home in a con­stantly changing eco­nomic, legal and business environment.

In line with the ESG standards we have adopted, we focus on ensuring that we have an inclusive work­place. Our employees are provided with support in terms of their pro­fes­sional devel­opment and in improving their qual­i­fic­a­tions. One of DWE Group’s pri­or­ities is to guar­antee the work safety on each of our con­struction sites.

Key workers


President of the Management Board

Paweł is a developer and investor who has been working in real estate for over 27 years, and for more than 13 years has run his own business. Before starting out on his own, he gained exper­ience at Echo Investment, Catalina Group as well as Sando Inmobil­iaria, where he held the pos­ition of General Manager for Poland. In 2010, he con­tinued his real estate devel­opment activity by co-founding SP Invest, whose oper­a­tions were later carried on suc­cess­fully as part of the DWE Group. His involvement at the top level of the Polish Asso­ci­ation of Developers (PZFD) has also given him excep­tional know­ledge of the market and admin­is­trative pro­cedures. In his work, he always focuses on the team with which he has been imple­menting pro­jects over the years, the company’s reli­ab­ility, which is appre­ciated by its business partners, as well as his mission to create aes­thet­ically pleasing and high-quality urban archi­tecture – as can be seen from DWE’s extensive port­folio of com­pleted projects. 

Paweł com­bines extensive pro­fes­sional exper­ience in the devel­opment sector with a strong sense of cor­porate social respons­ib­ility. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Man­agement Board of the Polish Asso­ci­ation of Developers (PZFD) and since 2012 has been the Pres­ident of the Warsaw Branch of the PZFD, under­taking a wide range of ini­ti­atives to improve the con­di­tions for the imple­ment­ation of res­id­ential pro­jects in the devel­opment sector and to improve the urban planning of cities.

As an architect by edu­cation, Paweł Putkowski believes in the importance of improving the archi­tecture and func­tion­ality of buildings, their energy effi­ciency and min­im­ising their envir­on­mental impact. In his pro­fes­sional activ­ities, he focuses on cooper­ation, dia­logue and the sharing of exper­ience, while con­stantly striving to improve the situ­ation of the con­struction sector and housing con­di­tions in Poland. 


Vice President of the Management Board

Anna has more than twenty years of exper­ience in the real estate sector, gained through working for both Polish and foreign com­panies. He spe­cialises in trans­ac­tional advisory and joint venture pro­jects. She is also a recog­nised expert in the pre­par­ation and complex exe­cution of invest­ments in line with the standards of funds and inter­na­tional investors. At DWE Group, she serves as vice pres­ident, taking care of the com­pany’s devel­opment aspects and setting new dir­ec­tions for its activ­ities based on PRS, student housing and mixed-use pro­jects. Her extensive exper­ience in the com­mercial market strengthens the com­pany’s com­petence in cooper­ating with investment funds and co-partners and equity investors. Up until 2023, she was the Pres­ident of the Man­agement Board of Belgian developer Equilis. Prior to this, she held the pos­i­tions of Investment Dir­ector at Polnord, Aldesa Polska, Capital Park and PHN.

During her twenty-year career in the real estate sector, Anna has developed from being a very effective manager to a leader who, in addition to the tools and know­ledge she has acquired, sets new goals and suc­cess­fully imple­ments them. Among other values, she is guided by her concern for the envir­onment with a focus on sus­tainable devel­opment and pro­moting a sus­tainable approach to modern con­struction. She plays an active part in the devel­opment of the company’s ESG strategy.

Anna is a graduate of the Faculty of Man­agement and Eco­nomics of the Warsaw School of Eco­nomics and com­pleted post­graduate studies in real estate at Koźmiński Uni­versity. She is cur­rently studying soci­ology at Col­legium Civitas.


Finance Director

Błażej has over twenty years of exper­ience gained in man­agement pos­i­tions held at leading com­panies in the real estate sector, such as Atlas Estates, Sando Inmobil­iaria and Catalina Investment. He has been employed by DWE for 13 years. He has extensive know­ledge of fin­ancial man­agement, accountancy and tax reg­u­la­tions, due to which he is effective at providing the maximum value for the company’s share­holders. As an exper­i­enced strategist, Błażej is responsible for the critical stages of the fin­ancial planning and man­agement process, as well as indic­ating the dir­ection of the company’s devel­opment and effect­ively using the oppor­tun­ities that arise from the market to increase the capital available to the organisation.

He graduated from the Uni­versity of Eco­nomics in Katowice, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Eco­nomics, and com­pleted post­graduate studies at its Department of Accounting. He holds a Min­istry of Finance Man­agement Accounting Cer­ti­ficate and an Inter­na­tional Fin­ancial Reporting Standards Cer­ti­ficate from Ernst & Young and The Accountants Asso­ci­ation in Poland (AAP). 


Marketing and Sales Director

Renata has many years of exper­ience of working in the real estate devel­opment sector, six of which she has spent a DWE Group. As a mar­keting and sales spe­cialist, she is responsible for the com­pre­hensive pre­par­ation and coordin­ation of strategies for devel­oping and selling DWE Group’s pro­jects. Renata is a dynamic and focused sales leader who manages and drives the dir­ection of the entire mar­keting and sales department of the DWE Group, thus imple­menting the company’s mission in the real estate devel­opment market. Her extensive exper­ience and know­ledge of the sector provide her with excellent lead­ership, com­mu­nic­ation and decision-making skills. As the Mar­keting and Sales Dir­ector, she is also responsible for main­taining healthy rela­tion­ships with key clients and stakeholders. 


Investment Preparation and Implementation Manager

Justyna is responsible for the com­pre­hensive pre­par­ation and imple­ment­ation of our pro­jects. She has been with DWE for six years, where she manages each project from its concept phase through its design and con­struction to obtaining the permit for its use and the final han­dover of the premises to buyers. She spe­cialises in design, exe­cution and con­nection agree­ments, working closely with the author­ities, insti­tu­tions and media admin­is­trators. She is also pas­sionate about modern con­struction tech­niques and is a pro­moter of sus­tainable devel­opment, which fits per­fectly into DWE Group’s philo­sophy. She obtained a Master’s diploma in Civil Engin­eering at the Uni­versity of Tech­nology in Kielce.


Project Manager

Michał is a Master of Civil Engin­eering exper­i­enced in man­aging the con­struction of multi-family devel­op­ments. He gained his exper­ience working for such com­panies as Robyg S.A and Dorbud S.A. He has now been employed by DWE for four years, super­vising and con­trolling the tech­nical side of pro­jects and is responsible for applying modern tech­nology to sub­or­dinate con­struction pro­jects. He has extensive pro­fes­sional know­ledge and many years of exper­ience of working according to the con­struction law, tech­nical doc­u­ment­ation, the art and practice of con­struction, health & safety rules, and schedules. He holds unres­tricted licences for working in the con­struction industry.


Szymon Putkowski 

Trainee in the investment department

Szymon Putkowski is a student of Business Admin­is­tration at the Uni­versity of Ams­terdam, where he is devel­oping his interest in cor­porate finance and business strategy. At DWE Group, he sup­ports the investment department’s oper­a­tional activ­ities, while also extending his com­pet­encies and exper­ience in the real estate sector. He also holds a Business and Entre­pren­eurship diploma from the Chelsea Business School. Szymon is com­mu­nic­ative, con­scien­tious and responsible, making him a strong support to the company.


Project Manager 

Civil engineer with many years of exper­ience in man­aging and super­vising works related to the con­struction of res­id­ential, com­mercial, indus­trial, and public utility pro­jects. He has exec­utive con­struction licenses, without restric­tions, in the con­struction industry. He manages the entire con­struction process fol­lowing the con­struction law and with the highest work quality and safety standards. He has exper­ience in imple­menting and con­trolling the ISO quality system. 


Jak działamy?

ESG standards

Feel At Home

What have we achieved?


cus­tomers have realized their dream of a home. 

We are an exper­i­enced developer and a trust­worthy business partner. Our buyers appre­ciate our timeliness, the quality of the apart­ments, the common space and the cus­tomer service offered. In turn, our business partners value the attractive and prof­itable investment pro­jects carried out by DWE Group and, in par­ticular, our cred­ib­ility and honesty throughout our cooper­ation with them. We are a member of the Polish Asso­ci­ation of Developers (PZFD) – an organ­isation that brings together pro­fes­sional entities oper­ating in the real estate sector in Poland. This also means that we follow the best market practices.

How we operate:

  • For each of our estates, we choose con­venient, well-connected loc­a­tions with access to a wide range of ser­vices and the necessary infrastructure 
  • We design our pro­jects with the customer’s sat­is­faction in mind, taking into account their needs and expectations 
  • We create archi­tec­tural designs that take into account the func­tion­ality, the quality of finish and the aes­thetic qual­ities of the project 
  • We apply modern building solu­tions aimed at increased energy effi­ciency and reduced property main­tenance costs 
  • We plan and implement our pro­jects based on the best ESG prac­tices in terms of sus­tainable urb­an­isation, envir­on­mental pro­tection and improving the quality of life 
  • We provide green common space, recre­ational areas and play­grounds, because we want to create friendly places to live in 
  • We develop affordable pro­jects with a view to increasing the avail­ab­ility of housing 
  • We offer insti­tu­tional investors optimal pro­jects pre­pared in line with the require­ments for modern rental apartments 
  • We offer business partners a secure investment in the housing market with an attractive rate of return 
  • We are con­stantly growing, adapting to market con­di­tions, and coming up with new ini­ti­atives for our indi­vidual and business clients 

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