For Investors

The Polish residential market has enormous potential. According to estimates, it still has a shortage of between 1.5 and 2 million homes


Potentially high profits 

Joint venture agreement 

DWE Group spe­cialises in the devel­opment of multi-family res­id­ential pro­jects of various formats and scales – from stan­dalone buildings to multi-stage housing estates. We have com­pleted 18 pro­jects so far, and we intend to have brought another six into use by 2027.

We are cur­rently focusing on building up a port­folio addressed to investors in the insti­tu­tional rental market (PRS) as well as investment funds inter­ested in student dormitories.

We are act­ively looking for new sites to develop our pro­jects. The pur­chase of these plots is fin­anced from our own funds or in cooper­ation with fin­ancial partners under joint venture arrangements.

So, we would like to invite investors to join us who also see the potential in the Polish res­id­ential market and the oppor­tun­ities it offers. Due to our com­pet­ences – our exper­ience, team of pro­fes­sionals, forward-looking strategy, database of secured pro­jects and our con­stant desire to grow – DWE Group is a reliable partner for investors, funds, fin­ancing insti­tu­tions and land owners.

When planning invest­ments, we pay special attention to ESG issues — envir­on­mental factors, social respons­ib­ility, and cor­porate governance. 

The basic scope of DWE’s development activities: 

  • market ana­lysis, pre­par­ation of feas­ib­ility studies, investment budgeting

  • acquiring land and securing land pur­chase option rights

  • con­ducting due dili­gence processes

  • obtaining building con­di­tions, envir­on­mental decisions and other formalities

  • pre­par­ation of con­struction projects

  • obtaining all the required con­struction and occu­pancy permits

  • building the necessary infrastructure

  • organ­ising and obtaining project financing

  • car­rying out and super­vising construction

  • drawing up the mar­keting and sales strategies for projects

  • the sale of pro­jects or indi­vidual apartments