You too can live at Aluzyjna 21!

The Aluzyjna 21 estate in Warsaw’s Białołęka dis­trict has been com­pleted according to schedule and is now waiting for its first res­idents to move in.

Over 70 percent of the apart­ments available on the estate have already found owners, who will soon receive the keys to their dream homes.

Aluzyczna 21- the accomplishment of the building works

Like all developers in the Polish market, DWE Group also exper­i­enced tur­bu­lence caused by the COVID-19 epi­demic, the war in Ukraine, the increase in con­struction prices, price inflation, and the increase in interest rates, which caused stag­nation in the mortgage market. For this reason, we are par­tic­u­larly pleased that we have com­pleted the con­struction works of our investment in Warsaw on the Białołęka — Aluzyjna 21 real estate in such uncertain times